Stop The Divide…Unify


Unify Westfield exists to bring academic excellence back into focus at Westfield Washington Schools. We seek transparency, respect of parental authority, and the creation of a school culture that is focused on what unites us rather than divides us.



Transgender Ideology WWS students are being exposed to transgender ideology through various books that can be read without parental consent. Here is a sampling of just some of the inappropriate books that can be found in Monon Trail, Washington Woods, Shamrock Springs, Maple Glen, Carey Ridge, Westfield Intermediate School, and Oak Trace.

Racial Division A divisive environment along racial lines is being fostered in WWS under the guise of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Social and Emotional Learning. Black Lives Matter posters have been hung in schools, teachers have worn BLM masks, and books like Intersection Allies portraying police officers as the enemy are in the elementary schools.

Mental Health Data Collection Students in third grade and up are taking mental health surveys. Unify Westfield questions whether it is the business of the schools to be collecting such data. We believe parental consent should be required before any such surveys are given to children. In addition to the above concerns, there are not any clear answers from the district about how the data will be used both now and in the future. There are also concerns about the anonymity and security of the surveys.

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