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WWS Parents: What Books Are In Your School?

May 23, 2022
Do you know what books are in Westfield Washington Schools? Are there books in WWS that are not age-appropriate? Contrary to what some claim, being concerned about what books children […]

Proactive Parenting: Protecting Your Children

May 14, 2022
Author: Marianne Miller Sending our children to school is sadly not at all like when we were young. Originating in the universities and hyped by media, an ideology has insidiously […]

The Rise of Gender Ideology in Schools

May 3, 2022
This podcast, posted on 5.1.22 by The Daily Wire, outlines gender ideology in the schools. It is a MUST LISTEN for anyone with kids or grandkids in school. Listen here.

How To End Systemic Racism

March 4, 2022
There is systemic racism in America, and people of color are paying a terrible price because of it. It’s time to shine a bright light on the source of this […]

The Fight For Curriculum Transparency – Christopher F. Rufo

February 24, 2022
Parents have the right to know what the government is teaching their children.

Indiana Senate GOP Folds on CRT and Parents – Stanley Kurtz

February 24, 2022
This National Review article outlines how GOP Senate leaders killed a meaningful education bill. Feel free to contact Senator Linda Rogers and Senate Education Chair Jeff Raatz to let them […]

Indiana: Lawsuit Filed Against School For COVID Quarantine Rules

January 20, 2022
“Indiana’s irrational school Covid rules have led to three school years of ongoing disruptions for its youngest generation.” Read more here.

Indiana AG Announces Expanded Parents Bill of Rights

November 22, 2021
Attorney General Todd Rokita today issued an expanded version of his office’s Parents’ Bill of Rights that contains, among other new information, a fresh section on parents’ rights involving medical decisions for […]

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