Attorney General Todd Rokita today issued an expanded version of his office’s Parents’ Bill of Rights that contains, among other new information, a fresh section on parents’ rights involving medical decisions for their children. Labeled Parents’ Bill of Rights 2.0, it includes new information on:

  •  How to file a civil rights claim if your student is being discriminated against;
  •  How to better engage school boards and get documents;
  •  How to become aware of your students’ medical rights; 
  •  How to run for school boards; and
  •  How to opt out of your student’s curriculum.

“Hoosier parents statewide are embracing their God-given roles as primary providers of their children’s education and upbringing,” Attorney General Rokita said. “So many dedicated moms and dads responded with such appreciation to our Parents’ Bill of Rights when we first released it in June, and they raised many new questions and concerns that we are honored to help address in this Parents’ Bill of Rights 2.0.”

You can read the complete Parents Bill of Rights here.