• Who can join Unify Westfield?
    Anyone. All are welcome! Unify Westfield is completely non-partisan, and dedicated solely to improving our community.
  • What is Critical Race Theory (CRT)?
    CRT is a far-left attempt to replace Marxist class warfare, a global failure, with racial division. As scholar Christopher Rufo puts it, the proponents of Critical Race Theory “seek to essentially deconstruct all of the principles around the Western canon of law, around rationality itself, around objectivity, around science, around math, they want to essentially destroy all of those to reveal what they believe is the essence, which is a kind of racial power struggle.” Moreover, they believe “that the United States was founded on racism, slavery and oppression, and that our constitutional structure, the words of the [United States] Declaration [of Independence], and even the law as it exists today are merely a cover story for racial oppression and dominance hegemony.”
  • What is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)?
    DEI is the latest way in which CRT appears in our institutions. DEI rejects the concept that “all men are created equal” as enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, instead substituting noxious, anti-American ideology of racial division. Diversity as used by CRT ideologues really means discrimination against non-preferred groups. Inclusion means exclusion of, and hatred directed by those in authority against, anybody who refuses to obey the latest demands made by left-wing extremists. Equity means reducing opportunity for the excellent to achieve, at the same time elevating the undeserving by giving them unearned rewards. And “inclusive excellence,” the latest buzzword used to conceal all these lies, is an oxymoron that really means “not excellent.” Excellence is an earned reward resulting from talent and hard work; nothing else.
  • Aren’t CRT and DEI just about empathy and not excluding people?
    No. This is a falsehood told to fool people into accepting CRT/DEI, by attacking as unkind anyone who dares to disagree. In fact, CRT/DEI proponents regularly try to intimidate anyone who opposes them, and have threatened those brave enough to speak up against their program.
  • Shouldn’t we focus first and foremost on whether our students feel safe?
    No. Claims of “safety” are a Trojan horse for CRT/DEI ideologues, who define any opposition to their indoctrination as making those welcoming indoctrination feel “unsafe.” We should instead focus on academic excellence, and if any student has a real safety problem, including those caused by harassment by CRT/DEI proponents, our system has long-established procedures for dealing with such problems.
  • Has the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) also been captured by this vicious, anti-American ideology?
    Yes, at the very highest levels. They hide their participation by using the word “cultural competency,” which is simply a synonym for DEI/CRT, along with SEL. The IDEO has set up an entire web page to advertise their participation in indoctrinating our children, which can be found here. Katie Jenner, the Secretary of Education, is responsible for this; you can find her contact information on our Action page.
  • Isn't Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) a way of helping our children?
    On a positive note,  SEL can teach social skills and life preparedness. However, SEL goes beyond this at times based on the the testimonies we are hearing from some in the Westfield school system. Unfortunately, SEL can be used to usher in curriculum level versions of CRT and DEI. It obviously depends a lot on each individual teacher, but it can be used to indoctrinate kids towards left wing ideology.
  • School systems throughout Hamilton County deny teaching CRT. Are they being truthful?
    No. They avoid using the term “Critical Race Theory,” but CRT cannot be identified within a school district through a search of the phrase as a noun. The ideology is a set of ideas which aim to radically change and divide society. Giving it different names, such as “diversity, equity, and inclusion”, “social and emotional learning,” or “inclusive excellence,” is simply an attempt to obfuscate the truththat our children are being aggressively indoctrinated, rather than educated. The umbrella group on which much SEL relies for much of its resources, CASEL, openly admits all this, as you can see here.