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Dr. Paul Kaiser  317-385-4912, or via email at [email protected].


WWS School Board Members
Jimmy Cox – President [email protected]
Rebecca L Ogle – VP [email protected]
Bill Anderson – Secretary [email protected]
Amber Willis – Board Member [email protected]
Mike Steele – Board Member [email protected]

2021 School Board Meeting Dates

The board needs to hear from community members about their concerns and questions. Please review this information obtained from the Westfield Washington Schools website.

If you wish to speak at the board meeting, you must arrive early to sign-in and complete your comment card.

Please note, if you want your comment publicly read at the board meeting, you must email [email protected], not an individual board member.

We have created some messaging tips to assist you in keeping your comments constructive and productive.

Board Meeting Information:

All regular board meetings will be held at Westfield Middle School, 345 W. Hoover St., Westfield. Board meetings are generally held on the second Tuesday of the month (except for April 20th and August 17th) at 7:00 p.m. 

Persons wishing to address the Board shall complete a comment card. Completed comment cards must be submitted to Jill Doyle no less than five minutes prior to the beginning of the meeting. Comments may not exceed 3 minutes in length. 

To submit written comments to the board to be read publicly at a regular board meeting, comments must be submitted by NOON on the day of the meeting to [email protected].  Comments can be up to 300 words. Please include your name and contact information (email being sent from is fine).  The board doesn’t respond to comments from public meetings.

The purpose of public comment is to give the Board members as much information as possible, not to engage in debate. Board members or administrators may provide answers to questions asked during public comment if the information is readily available and not confidential. Often, however, questions will not be answered, but taken under advisement and answers returned at a later time, if possible.

The Board will not tolerate abusive or inappropriate language or statements including, but not limited to statements that are: threatening, harassing, illegal, obscene, lewd, vulgar, defamatory, libelous, hostile, or personal attacks. Comments should be directed to the Board, not an individual Board member. Comments may not reference specific WWS employees, patrons, or students.

If you are unable to make the school board meetings, we encourage you to watch the live stream or recordings.


State Senator Scott Baldwin
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State Representative Donna Schaibley (Dist. 24)
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State Representative Anthony Cook (Dist. 32)
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[email protected]

Governor Eric Holcomb
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Representative Victoria Spartz
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Senator Todd Young
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Senator Mike Braun
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Become a Substitute Teacher

Westfield Washington Schools are always in need of qualified substitute teachers. It is important for Unify Westfield members to serve in the substitute teaching capacity. Substitute teaching is a great way to be engaged in your child’s school and earn extra money at the same time. The schedule is completely flexible–work when and where you want. For more information visit Westfield Washington Schools website