In December 2020, parents from one elementary school in WWS raised concerns about questionable book topics being displayed and promoted for all students to access without parent/caregiver consent. Their concerns were brought to administration and the school board. With the help of  Indiana Family Institute, many families like yours were able to see examples of a few books and share their concerns. 

In March 2021, Unify Westfield was created after the school board meeting to gather like-minded Westfield community members in order to better understand what is happening inside the walls of the schools where we send our children. 

Picture books on topics such as gender identity, death, protests, and books influenced by critical race theory (CRT) are only a small part of a much larger issue. Ideologies influenced by CRT have been ushered into our schools tucked inside the Trojan horses of DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and SEL (Social Emotional Learning).  In some schools and classrooms, learning activities, community circles, and read-aloud books are some of the vehicles by which CRT is being delivered.

Unify Westfield fully recognizes the very real problem of racism and agrees the problem needs to be addressed. However, the problem must be addressed in a way that does not introduce any racist ideologies and unites our students rather than dividing them.

Join us as we seek to simply have a seat at the table to discuss what is happening in our schools.

Seeking Transparency for Parents/Caregivers

Sadly, there is much more happening in our schools that parents have been unaware of. In many schools, kids are being asked to state their preferred pronouns, perhaps without parent/caregiver knowledge.

Some teachers are no longer identifying any child as a boy or a girl. Instead, they are opting for gender neutral language like “students” or “friends.” While this may seem harmless, it does perpetuate the ideology that gender is decided by the child and can change at any time. We do recognize that a small percentage of children experience conflict between sex and gender. We believe it is possible to accept and support their journey, without infringing on the rights of other students and families.

Students are also frequently asked to complete surveys or participate in activities that focus on ethnicity. Activities which force students to answer questions about racism by standing on one side of a classroom or the other puts students in very difficult situations where some students feel pressured to go along with “group think.” This hyper-focus has inadvertently brought division to our schools rather than unity as students frequently accuse other students of being racists, homophobes, or transphobes.

Diversity of thought

Unify Westfield believes that we can be a support to WWS when we are invited to the table as decisions are made. No matter what topic or concern a parent/caregiver has, we believe that together we can find workable solutions that lead to restored unity in Westfield.