Do you know what books are in Westfield Washington Schools? Are there books in WWS that are not age-appropriate?

Contrary to what some claim, being concerned about what books children are reading does not equal a desire to “ban” books. Responsible adults ensure that minors are not exposed to pornographic material or material that is not appropriate for their age. The last place parents should have to worry about their children being exposed to unsuitable books is at the school library.

Parents need to know what material is available to their children so they can be vigilant and involved with what their children are learning about.

Here are two steps you can take right now.

Step One

Review and familiarize yourself with this list of the most “banned” books.

Step Two

Search for these books within WWS at your particular school(s). If you find a book that you consider to be unfit for a school library, please contact superintendent Dr. Paul Kaiser at  317-385-4912, or via email at [email protected].

As parents, it is ultimately our duty and responsibility to know what our children are being taught and exposed to at all times. I encourage you to be proactive and, if necessary, make some noise!