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September School Board Meeting

Fox59: Westfield students protest after superintendent says certain flags will be removed from classrooms

Dr. Kaiser Needs To Hear From YOU

Parents, superintendent Dr. Kaiser needs to hear from you!

Do you see concerning agendas being promoted in your child’s classroom? Are there any Inappropriate books or curriculum content being taught? Has your child been asked or surveyed with inappropriate questions? Please say something!

If you have any issues or concerns about your child’s classroom or curriculum, please bring these concerns directly to Dr. Kaiser. He needs to hear from all concerned parents. Your voice matters!

Now, we all like to talk to our friends about problems or blow off steam on Facebook, but we also need to make our voice heard by Dr. Kaiser himself.

Contact Dr. Paul Kaiser at 317-385-4912, or via email at [email protected]

“SEL” at Shamrock Springs Elementary

Shamrock Springs Elementary is using The Zones of Regulation program.

Could this program be used a trojan horse for the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion agenda? It would appear so based on the company’s own website.

If you have a child at SSES and are concerned, please contact Dr. Paul Kaiser at 317-385-4912, or via email at [email protected].

[Video] July 13, 2021 School Board Meeting

Protect Parental Rights in Public Education

A template for parents to use when communicating with school leaders and educators

Click here for guidance and template on your communication with your school teachers and administration.

Indiana Attorney General Releases Parents Bill of Rights

On June 23, 2021, Indiana AG Todd Rokita released a Parents Bill of Rights. We believe this is a big step in the right direction.

“As I’ve traveled throughout the state of Indiana, I’ve heard firsthand the concerns of parents who are deeply troubled by ideologies being imposed in their children’s school curriculum,” said Attorney General Rokita. “The first line of defense to hold school districts accountable lies with active and engaged parents. The Indiana Attorney General’s Office will stand in their corner every step of the way as they exercise their individual liberties in the interest of our children.”

We encourage you to read it, save it, print it, and KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!

“The Parents Bill of Rights outlines the following rights that Hoosier parents and caregivers are entitled to exercise:

  • To question and address your child’s school officials and school board members at publicly designated meetings with proper notice of the meetings provided
  • To question and review the curriculum taught in your child’s school by questioning local school boards and school administrators
  • To expect that the academic curriculum taught in your child’s school aligns with Indiana and federal law
  • To participate in the selection and approval of academic standards for the State of Indiana
  • To obtain educational materials and curriculum taught to your child in the classroom
  • To run as a candidate for your local school board”

Listen to Carmel resident Alvin Lui, who recently moved from California, discuss his fight against DEI, CRT, and SEL in Carmel schools.

Listen to Alvin Lui on the Mock ‘n Rob show.

Westfield Washington Schools Welcomes Dr. Paul Kaiser as New Superintendent

May 25, 2021

The school board approved the hiring of Dr. Paul Kaiser as superintendent of Westfield Washington Schools. They also approved Dr. John Atha as assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction.

Read more here.

Indoctrination In Public Schools: Educator and Author Justin Spears On How Parents Can Fight Back

Listen to Justin Spears discuss, from an educator’s perspective, the problem of indoctrination in public schools.

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