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Unify Westfield Petition

April 21, 2021
Please join Unify Westfield in our effort to have inappropriate books removed from areas where they can be freely accessed in the schools and into the school counselor’s office. Before […]

Parent groups sparring over books on gender identity in Westfield elementary schools

April 21, 2021
Local ABC affiliate WRTV covered the controversy in Westfield over the gender identity books in elementary schools.

Westfield High School Race Survey

April 15, 2021
This survey is one of many surveys given to students at Westfield High School without parental/caregiver consent. Below are screenshots of some of the questions asked.

NYC Teacher Exposes Dangers of “Critical Race Theory”

April 14, 2021
In this piece from The New York Post, a New York City teacher addresses the harm of critical race theory to students. As a teacher, my first obligation is to […]

Social Emotional Learning Brochure

April 14, 2021
This document from Purple for Parents – Indiana outlines the origins, backers, and dangers of SEL. It also outlines what families can do about SEL in their own school.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) In Our Schools – Jennifer McWilliams

April 8, 2021
Interview with Jennifer McWilliams, founder and CEO of Purple for Parents – Indiana.

The Trojan Horse – Critical Race Theory

April 8, 2021
Michael O’Fallon, founder of Sovereign Nations and James Lindsay, co-founder of New Discourses discuss the evolution of America as a melting pot to the prominence of Critical Race Theory.

Equity Versus Equality

April 8, 2021
“Equity is a whole different ballgame. It is predicated on the idea that the only certain measure of “equality” is outcome: educational, social, and occupational. The equity-pushers assume axiomatically that […]

It Feels Good to be Yourself

April 8, 2021
Re-aloud of book on gender identity found in some Westfield elementary schools.

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